Email and Social Media Marketing
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Email marketing is a powerful marketing technique, especially for repeat sales. The big advantage of email marketing is its low cost, its flexibility and the ease with which marketing statistics can be obtained. It is possible to test the market with a small number of addresses, and then extend or alter the message as appropriate.

We can help provide various email marketing services including designing and writing suitable HTML emails.

Promoting your website, products or services by email can be very useful and a powerful, flexible form of direct marketing. Communicating your messages very quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. Directing your message to specific types of customer groups can be more cost-effective than traditional paper-based marketing.

Social Media Marketing refers to the exercise of promoting your website and other web assets on the increasingly popular social networking sites that people use to share experiences, ideas and information. By utilising online marketing technologies, social media marketing along with search engine optimisation, recent research have shown that social media is very effective for brand building and customer service.
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Social media could be one of the most effective business strategies for your business


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